Collaborates with clients to ensure that growth strategies and business transformation become a reality


Educates businesses & consumers as a keynote speaker, trusted advisor and featured expert worldwide


Increases global understanding and empowers those impacted by gluten free diets and food allergies

Kim consults with cross-industry clients from early stage companies to Fortune 100 multinationals, to develop and implement customer innovation and change enablement solutions.

She utilizes her global strategic project management expertise, industry knowledge and market-leading capabilities to help you optimize your business to achieve customer excellence and, ultimately, increase profitability.

Kim leads and mentors teams to deliver critical pilots and prototypes to enterprise-wide program deployments designed to meet your business needs, from planning and design to training and implementation across the globe.

She also addresses specific client needs on a project-by-project basis as quality assurance partners, business coaches, trusted advisors and subject matter experts.

By leveraging her extensive experience, global mindset and proven results, Kim empowers her clients to meet the continually growing demands of the marketplace, investors, other stakeholders and customers.